It’s Frustrating…

We hear this on a weekly basis…

Our clients were frustrated because they:

  • Inherited a customized legacy Oracle installation that they had nothing more than a version number for
  • Changed something in Oracle, it broke, and they had no idea of inventories or dependencies
  • Were tasked with changing something, and concerned about breaking something because of no inventories or dependencies (or tests to check for these)
  • Were considering moving to the cloud, but were concerned about automatic updates breaking something

We founded Villani Analytics to help alleviate this frustration.  We provide a tool that:

  • Creates a complete inventory of your Oracle instance
  • Identifies dependencies
  • Recommends, creates and executes test cases

We also offer Oracle consulting and services.

Let’s talk–We’d like to hear what you are trying to achieve with Oracle and see if there is a mutually beneficial fit.

Next Steps…

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