Advisory & Consulting

Today’s Leading Organizations should continue to invest in building out flexible and scaleable platforms to meet current needs as well as future capabilities. We can help you get there!


We can also help you get there faster! Our Accelerate Technology (TM) Platform helps you reduce implementation time and improve the quality of your solutions.


We provide world class training so that your administrators and users are able to manage your system well after go-live!

It’s Frustrating…

We hear this on a weekly basis…

Our clients were frustrated because they:

  • Inherited a customized legacy Oracle installation that they had nothing more than a version number for
  • Changed something in Oracle, it broke, and they had no idea of inventories or dependencies
  • Were tasked with changing something, and concerned about breaking something because of no inventories or dependencies (or tests to check for these)
  • Were considering moving to the cloud, but were concerned about automatic updates breaking something

We founded Villani Analytics to help alleviate this frustration.  We provide a tool that:

  • Creates a complete inventory of your Oracle instance
  • Identifies dependencies
  • Recommends, creates and executes test cases

We also offer Oracle consulting and services.

Let’s talk–We’d like to hear what you are trying to achieve with Oracle and see if there is a mutually beneficial fit.

Next Steps…

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